Your Voodoo Festival Survival Guide

Your Voodoo Festival Survival Guide

"Voodoo is a musical gumbo, stirring together music, art, community, cuisine, and everything else under the sun."

Sounds kind of perfect right? It is - Voodoo Fest is one of the biggest and best music and arts festivals not only in our area, but in the entire country. Kicking off Halloween Weekend (October 30-November 1) in New Orleans City Park, you won't be sweating it out like you do at festivals during the summer. Good news, right? So what else do you need to know?

From parking to packing and all things in between, we've put together a survival guide to make sure you have the ultimate Voodoo Fest Experience!


Source: Worship The Music


No matter where you're coming from, there's an easy and fun way to get to the festival. New Orleans has become increasingly more of a bike-friendly city, and Voodoo is less than five miles from downtown and the historic French Quarter. The fest is also easily accessible by bike from Mid-City or Uptown. With plenty of bike racks for locking up, we recommend pedaling your way there. If cycling isn't your thing, there's several other modes of transportation including Uber and shuttles that will just as easily get you there. If you choose to drive, check out this helpful guide to parking.


Voodoo Balloon

Source: Worship The Music.


  • Your tickets.
  • A small, soft backpack or purse
  • Phone charger - just in case!
  • Rain jacket or small poncho (nothing worse than the guy in the front row blocking everyone's view with his giant umbrella).
  • Blankets/Beach towels, for a much needed standing break
  • Your I.D. (for adult libations or to pick up your tickets at the box office)
  • Totems and flags - a great way to always spot your group!
  • Sunscreen (no aerosols)
  • Refillable water bottles - FREE water is available inside the fest
  • Good attitudes (don't sweat the small stuff!)
  • Don't want to carry all of this gear? There will be lockers you can rent. Voodoo thought of everything.

Spread the word: it's also important to know what NOT to bring.


Voodoo Halloween

Source: Worship The Music


  • Don't forget your tickets!
  • Drink lots of water. You don't want to get dehydrated and be that guy passed out on the lawn.
  • Plan out your day - check the lineup to see when your favorite acts play and on which stages. Then, give yourself ample time to get there and get a good spot.
  • Buddy up! It's inevitable; you'll get separated from your group at some point. Quick tip? Set a "go-to" spot in the crowd where you like to watch shows (e.g., stage left in front of the soundboard). That way, everyone will know where to find each other and rendezvous.
  • Nom nom nom. Voodoo is filled with great food from classic cajun fare to funnel cakes and snowballs. You'll definitely want to carve out some time in your day to enjoy a meal (or 3).
  • Be present. Soak in the Voodoo experience with friends and family and put away your phone. We know, we know. How can you post a killer video of Florence + The Machine without your phone? You're right, that's worth documenting. Get the video, then put it away and enjoy yourself!

We barely even scratched the surface of all the goodness that is Voodoo Fest. There's tons of amazing art, a really cool marketplace, and even amusement park rides. Download the Voodoo Fest app on your phone or visit their site to learn even more.

See you there!