5 Must-Read Safety Tips for Trick-Or-Treating in New Orleans

5 Must-Read Safety Tips for Trick-Or-Treating in New Orleans

As a kid, what's not to love about Halloween? Dressing up, eating candy, exploring with your friends in the neighborhood. But as a parent, you might be cautious about taking your kids out for the evening. With these few safety tips in mind, though, you'll be better equipped to have a safe, fun evening with your trick-or-treaters!

1. Wear Something Reflective

Certain smaller streets, especially Uptown, aren't always well lit. Have your kids wear some kind of reflective clothing or decorate their candy bags with reflective strips to make sure they are seen by cars!  Glow sticks can also help with visibility.

Glow stick

2. Sidewalks are always the best route.

Walk on sidewalks and paths as best you can - and whenever it's not possible to do so, walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible. Keep in mind that many of the sidewalks in New Orleans have cracks and inclines, so make sure to keep a flashlight handy once the sun goes down!

3. Face Paint > Masks

Considering a mask as a part of your child's costume? You might want to think about using face-paint instead. Masks can sometimes obstruct a child's vision, and face paint can still be just as fun, too.

Face Painting

4. Show Them The Ropes

Halloween can be a fun opportunity to show your little ones their own neighborhood - point out street names as you go and any friends' or neighbors' homes they might recognize. You never know when this information could come in handy later if your child ever needs to reach out to a neighbor!

5. Say No to Opened Candy

Don't let your child eat any candy that looks like it's been opened before - even if it comes from a trustworthy neighbor. You simply never know - and it's better to be safe.

Halloween Candy 2

But most importantly - enjoy this fun evening with your children! After all - it only comes around once a year. Happy Trick-or-Treating!